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A collection of tabletop games, digital games, game concepts, and printmaking work.
These are meant to provide a deeper look into his design processes. But you can also scroll through and just enjoy the visuals.

Are Aligned

Multiplayer VR game | 2017

Are Aligned is virtual reality party game where players communicate and work together to perform a song.


Card game | 2017

TOUCH is a game-like tool that faciliates conversations with youth around physical boundaries and the differences between good and bad touch.


vr game | 2017

Zer is a virtual reality game that gives kids the toolset they need to better spot fake news on social media.


card game mockup | 2017

Masc is a card game prototype that explores different notions of masculinity.

To Be Kindr

print series | 2016-2017

To Be Kindr is a collection of prints that addresses issues of body image and toxic masculinity within the gay community.

My Favorite Color is Pink

desktop game | 2016-2017

My Favorite Color is Pink is a puzzle platformer game about the nuances masculinity.

Learn more about him.

Danny Dang is an Asian-American game designer from Minnesota residing in New York.
He has a BFA in Design Technology at Parsons School of Design where he focused in game design. During his time at Parsons, he served as the Communications Officer and later the President of the New School Game Club.

His passion is using playful interactions to convey socially impactful messages.
He has made games about various social issues including gender identity, body image, and the spread of misinformation.

He is a co-founder and lead game designer of BeyondABC, a social impact games studio. His work has been featured at Games for Change, Indiecade East, and Maker Faire.

He is currently a fellow at IFP Media Center, India-China Institute, and Parsons Elab.
His latest projects were funded by NYC Media Lab as part of Verizon Connected Futures II and the Viacom Music + VR Fellowship.