Who I am

Where I'm from

Hi! I'm Danny. I'm a Minnesotan game designer currently living in New York City. I studied at Parsons School of Design where I majored in Design and Technology. I focused in Game Design and served as the president of the New School Games Club.

how I think

I enjoy turning complex problems into fun, thoughtful, and beautiful interactions. A kid-at-heart, I create the same way I learn: playfully. My passion is finding new ways to connect.
I believe play is powerful.

What I'm doing

Right now, I'm a fellow of Made in NY, India China Institute, and Parsons ELab. My latest projects were funded by NYC Media Lab as part of Viacom Music + VR and Verizon Connected Futures II.

Stuff I do

  • Game Design

  • Virtual Reality

  • Graphic Design

  • Unity c#

I also make prints, comics, and cosplay.

Stuff I made


Are Aligned

VR game (HTC Vive) | 2017

Are Aligned is an asymmetric party game where players work together to perform a song.


Card game | 2017

Touch is a game-like tool that facilitates conversations with youth around the differences between good and bad touch.


vr game (HTC Vive) | 2017

Zer is a game that equips kids with the skills they need to better recognize fake news on social media.

Stuff People Wrote

Are Aligned

He's hoping to recapture the magic of a party mainstay like Twister by merging together VR with a game anyone can hop into on a whim.

Navigating through tangled arms and orbs in an attempt to correctly guide the planets into their correct orbital positions was sort of like playing VR Twister.


Their Game TOUCH hopes to build critical thinking and decision making capacity for real life scenarios


Kate Wallace and Danny Dang, are helping to confront this pressing issue [the spread of misinformation online] with Zer, a virtual reality game that aims to provide kids with the tools they need to recognize fake news.

Fun Fact

My favorite color is pink.